Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service

We understand that our retail partners have many choices when choosing which products to carry.  Which is why we fight everyday to ensure that our partners feel the respect and appreciation we have for them and the choice they make to carry our high quality CBD products.  We also understand the stresses and challenges you face which is why we do everything we can to make your life as easy as possible.   

We are always here day or night to fulfill any needs or questions our partners have, and are ALWAYS willing to go above and beyond to help support in whatever areas we can.


In this crazy unregulated world of CBD we live in right now, it is hard to know who you can trust in the industry.  We understand as a retailer that you have a responsibility to deliver a transparent, consistent & quality product to your customer.  This is why we continually have all of our products tested through our partnership with G2 Analytical & Wingate University, to ensure we are consistently delivering a superior and quality product.

Good Feelings CBD is very proud of the quality we have sourced, but even more so value the relationships we build and the trust you give us when choosing to provide our products.  Which is why we will always make transparency our main focus.

Pricing, Pricing, Pricing...

Prices can’t be beat!!!  We understand that our partners need to make a good margin to ensue they can continue providing this unbelievable product to consumers.  Since we value our wholesale partnerships so much, we have priced our high quality CBD products well below wholesale industry standards to ensure the success of our partners.


Providence Country Club
Skin Therapy of Charlotte
McCartney Chiropractic & Massage
G2 Analytical
Wingate University
All Pro Nutrition
Blue Flower
Charlotte CBD