CBD Benefits When Fighting Cancer???

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We understand that a lot of people have heard a lot of information about how CBD can provide possible benefits towards cancer treatment.  With us having a cancer survivor in the family we thought we would post some unbiased information we have seen and gathered on CBD and how it can help.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is probably the most widely talked-about substance extracted from such cannabis plants as marijuana and hemp. This is because it has been proven to cause only negligent, if any, psychoactive effect and addiction. On the other hand, it is believed to deliver multiple health benefits to improve a patient’s both somatic and mental condition.

Cancer treatment and prevention is one of the major areas where CBD-related studies are actively conducted today. Let’s take a closer look at some relevant findings available by the moment.

Cancer Treatment

The global medical community tends to believe that cannabinoids are able to impede tumor growth. The conclusion is based on abundant study results tested on animal models. Along with causing its own effect, the substance probably can boost that of existing specialized drugs typically administered to cancer patients.

For example, a recent in vitro and in vivo study of 2019, which was primarily focused on pancreatic cancer, has revealed that a tumor was developing much slower when cannabinoids were introduced into the treatment regimen. On top of that, the death of tumor cells was reported. Also, the radiation treatment showed higher efficiency in the presence of cannabinoids, while no damage was caused to healthy cells.

To come up with a sustainable treatment approach, more studies are required to define proper dosages, specific formulations and the mode of their administration.

Another study focusing on bladder cancer also revealed the reverse correlation between the condition occurrence and cannabis taking figures. However, the researchers failed to propose a theoretical basis for such cause-and-effect relationship. The same inhibition effect was revealed during a 2014 in vivo study in relation to colon cancer as well as during pre-clinical studies in relation to breast cancer.

This and other data allows scientists to suggest that cannabinoids can be used as an active substance to build effective remedies for a variety of cancer conditions. Given the scale of the challenge, there is a long way to go yet; particularly, not only positive effects but also potential risks and adverse body reactions are to be investigated before such products can enter the market.

Complementary Treatment

While it is not clear yet if medicine will eventually come up with cancer treatment solutions based solely on OBD, there is no doubt that the substance can be introduced into currently used treatment regimens to improve patient experience. Actually, addressing any type of cancer requires using such harsh techniques as radiation or chemotherapy. Multiple side effects caused by these procedures, for example nausea or loss of appetite, can be successfully alleviated using CBD products. By now, there is the only preparation of this group, Epidiolex, which has been approved by FDA for the purpose.


Currently, there is no way to use CBD products for cancer on their own. More rigorous scientific research is to be done before this may happen. Accordingly, this approach has not been approved by FDA and similar industry regulators in other countries. Still, CBD can successfully address pain and adverse reactions that cancer patients typically face.

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