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Our mission is to provide all-natural CBD products safely through educating consumers on the physical and mental benefits of hemp.

We’re believers in the vast array of benefits CBD has to offer to all walks of life. We are dedicated to advance research and education in hopes to unlock the total potential of CBDs healing qualities!!!




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The Process

Our farmers start with a genetically superior quality of hemp clones, which are grown following strict Colorado organic growing guidelines to ensure only the highest quality of US Industrial Hemp.  With our process, our farmers are also the extractors, which means they are only choosing the highest quality of flower for the extraction process.
After much research we found that Ethanol extraction is the most effective and efficient in pulling out the “full spectrum” of cannabinoids, which provides the “entourage effect”.  Ethanol is an excellent solvent as it applies to the extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes. With Ethanol, there is no conclusive carry capacity, yet numerous sources recommend that cannabinoids are solvent in ethanol at a 1:1 proportion (implying that 1g of CBD is dissolvable in 1mL of ethanol). Due to the dual role ethanol plays as a solvent, it is able to extract the entirety of the plant better than any hydrocarbon or CO2, to provide the full spectrum.  All of the oils are extracted at cryo temperatures (that’s super, super cold!!!), and because of this the oil comes out in a much better quality, and does not have to go through as many processes to receive the final refined & high quality oil.



Many customers in North Carolina are asking the question is CBD legal?  We will go over the legality of CBD, and some interesting facts about industrial hemp.
North Carolina residents are now able to buy CBD online and in-stores prescription free. The 2014 farm bill allows every state to grow and research industrial hemp. Due to this farm bill, over 30 states have started growing industrial hemp, in an attempt to bring this great crop that was originally planted in 1645 in America, back to the forefront. Industrial hemp is a strain known as Cannabis Sativa L, the piece that makes this strain different, is that it has a significantly lower THC content, which is the psychoactive component naturally found in hemp. Good Feelings CBD only uses oil extracted from industrial hemp, and our customers can feel confident that research and have every batch tested before we give it our stamp of approval for sale.  
Industrial Hemp in North Carolina
Industrial hemp is very popular today for creating CBD products such as Oil Tinctures, Topicals, and even pet treatment. Hemp is one of the most versatile plants, and because of this it was used to make a number of other products. In the past it has been used to create many different items including but not limited to clothing, rope, paper, and also food. Many recent studies have also found that growing hemp may dramatically impact the growing environmental concerns. Hemp farms can produce a biofuel that can replace pollution causing fossil fuels, and it also aids in the detoxification of soil.
Purchasing CBD Oil Online
When you are looking to buy CBD Oil, it is important to look for the company’s lab results. It is important that they come from an independent accredited lab, because “paying for lab results” is becoming a growing concern. This is why Good Feelings CBD places such an importance on transparency and ensuring every batch we receive is tested. We are more super excited for the “green space” movement and would love to tell you about it!!! Feel free to call or email us anytime with any questions!!
*It is important to note that the legal landscape around CBD is changing rapidly both at a federal and state level. The information we have provided above is meant for informational purposes only, and not for the purposes of providing legal advice. It is up to you to make your own judgement on purchasing CBD in your jurisdiction. If you decide to buy CBD and take the step towards an all-natural alternative, we hope you find Good Feelings CBD to be your best option!